Nature healing

What a beautiful gathering and perfect weekend.  About 14 of us all made the trip to the Ayurvedic workshop at a hilltop lodge in the Lake Cumberland region of Kentucky.

Somatic yoga sessions,  marma point discussion, and ayurvedic assessments were practiced and lots of notes taken.

Then Dr. Vijay and his wife took us out on his boat where some of us dived off to do a little cove swimming, then kirtan, (which pushed my comfortable edges so that I could bang on a drum with a modicum of rhythm, at least), and then after hours it was homemade sangria and organic wine.  I felt like a throw-back to the ’60’s.

What life would feel like if we slowed it down a bit.

Then it was long talks into the night covering everything from the food industry, the environment,  who we admire, our kids, our personal lives, and saving the world with our passions.

Community feels so good.

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