The Guru in You

This trailer is for a documentary that had a limited run in NY, recently.   Not sure where it can be watched at this point, but sure would like to see it in its entirety because of the message behind it.

It’s a satire on America’s fascination with Eastern wisdom, with the take-away message, (I believe, anyway) on the power we so quickly want to hand over to others.  In a yoga class, for instance, where some teachers can be elevated to celebrity-dom, it’s the teachers who are meant to be the guides, not the gurus, with their ultimate purpose to help their students uncover the “guru” in themselves—

I would love to know your thoughts…  Do you feel there may be too much emphasis on the leader’s (teacher’s) ego in yoga classes and not enough guidance or inspiration to look within?   Please post a comment when you have a moment!


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