What gives the heart comfort


Growing up, comfort to me was watching “The Haunting” and  “Twilight Zone” episodes behind my big brother who was my helpful buffer between safety and terror.

Comfort to me as a kid was scrambling up the smooth low-lying branches of my meditation tree that helped me see over the roof of my elementary school.  I’d sit there for hours watching cars go up and down the street or the wind blowing through its leaves.

And comfort meant doing cartwheels on a warm summer night in Rivers Edge, New Jersey while listening to soothing conversations from the screened-in porch between mum and dad, grandparents, my aunt and uncle.

Comfort to me was feeling my dad’s patience and love while reading the same story to me every night.

Comfort to me now is long conversations with friends without having to watch the clock.  And a big bowl of Bob’s 5 grain cereal is pretty amazing, too.

And even though really lasting comfort can get a little harder to come by these days, it seems I can still rely on getting that warm and fuzzy feeling when I move through some wonderful yoga moves or when I simply light a candle to drop inside the heart for awhile.

What spells comfort to you these days?


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