Stress Relief 101

What do you do about your stress?

What are your stress indicators?  Crying outbursts, overeating, overspending, too many trips to the soda machine, forgetfulness, nail-biting?

Mine used to be an outburst after bottling it up for awhile–shouting at the kids when I’d had enough at the end of the day, or I’d withdraw or act crabby.

Sometimes my stress  appeared in the form of nervous energy where constant movement seemed my only form of release.

At other times it would seem the stress factor was less obvious but  just as harmful—I’d feel a low-grade kind of funk or even listlessness.

I can say now that through the years of practicing yoga and tapping into breath awareness, I’ve been able to step back and become the witness to the emotions that want to take over my actions.  Yes, kids do grow up, (and I grew up, too), but bringing awareness to the way my mind wants to habitually operate everyday has been a life-changer…

We can travel below the whirlpool of chaotic thinking. We just have to make it a  conscious choice—over and over again.  

Sit tall and close your eyes.  Breathe in through the nose.  Exhale very s-l-o-w-l-y out the mouth, making the exhale twice as long as the inhale.  Do three or more rounds.

Turn this into a soothing a.m. and p.m. ritual–the “bookends” to your day.

You can order up anything from the the menu of your life.  Order up “awareness” and become the watcher– the calm eye in the middle of the storm. 

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