Be a feeling genius

This is what I’m learning these days—

What we think generates a feeling response  in us.  And the Universe is run on, and expands with, the fuel of feeling.

So generate that expansiveness.                 


Optimize and enhance “this one wild life” of yours by entertaining the thoughts that create good feelings in you.

Even if you gotta fake it til you make it because what you focus on grows.

And if you just keep going with the better feeling thoughts— catching yourself when you’ve slipped back into the negative quicksand– over time that good feeling momentum starts to build up in your life until the actual physical proof of those positive emotions start showing up.  Pretty soon, you will see “real world” evidence behind the regular practice of those LIFE-enhancing thoughts—the ones that center on faith,  joy, harmony, ABUNDANCE, courage, LOVE.

It’s the believing of it that creates the seeing of it, not the I ” HAVE to SEE it first, THEN I’ll believe it,” philosophy.

Believe it. Then you’ll see it.

Feel it. Then see it.

Be a feeling genius.

What’s to lose by trying?


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