You, the Creative Director

Don’t allow your thoughts to hold you hostage.

Simply noticing where your thoughts take you—- initially, as often as you can, and then eventually, moment by moment— can help you release the self-imposed “handcuffs” between you and living a freer life.  This is where you get to reclaim the gatekeeper keys to your own liberation.
Because, truly, what IS a thought? 
It’s not a thing. 
Or an object.
It has no form.
It’s simply energy.  Energy that gets created through your perception. And if that perception has a lot of emotion stored up with it, that thought can really grip us, deceive us, throw us around.
Or they can enrich, empower, soothe, and inspire.
The movie can go either way you choose.
Be attentive.  Hone in.  What keeps cycling through your head?
Think of it as your daily meditation practice.  Would you want it to be an endless mantra of self-talk that creates fear and anxiety, or one that infuses you with a kind of aromatic therapy of healing words?
“I choose peace,” is a great mantra to use when you’re feeling caught up in the mental net and require an interruption of the old thought processes.
And then just keep practicing– keep going— with a waterfall of
good- for- you thoughts.
Everything you need is inside.
Direct the thoughts and soon your external world reflects back to you the beauty you create in the internal.
You can decide.
“The world can only change from within.”~  Eckhart Tolle


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