The Mystery Parcel

Great news!

I’ve received my sign that life is to be trusted–  just fall into synchrony with the flow of life and breathe a big sigh of relief now.

It’s all going to be ok…

This “sign” came immediately after listening to one of Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s seminars called “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. ”

In one of his segments, Dr. Dyer talked about living life without grasping and “efforting.”

He said our very nature came out of the “no-where” to “now-here,” which meant that trust was our name before we were even born. “Out of  the no-where,” he said, before we came into the world, “we didn’t worry whether our noses would get attached or that fingernails would find their way to our hands and feet.  It just did.  Without our orchestrating it.  Without our controlling it.  It simply happened.

“Who we are is what we came from,” he said.  “So trust yourself.  Trust in life.”

Hmmm. Yes.  Of course.

Then it was time for me to head out.

Opening the front door I notice a small mail parcel on the porch—

I brought it into the kitchen and opened the white box, about as big as a shoe box.   It was easy to see what it was immediately, since it had no extra tissue paper, packing peanuts, or wrapping around it.  The environmentally aware packager was involved here.

It was three tiny, miniscule, newborn size diapers with the words “Fuzzi-Bunz” branded on each of them.

I forgot all about ordering the environmentally friendly diaper pull-ons for my niece’s shower.

Alright, then.

Time to trust.



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