A Yoga Fall

by M. M. on November 7, 2011

After all the yoga-like forward bends with the rake in hand, stuffing the leaves in the bag again and again, set the rake aside and stand next to the tree that’s carpeting the grass with all those (beautiful) leaves.

Close your eyes and breathe in.  Move in a little closer so that you can put your hand out and touch its bark.  Close your eyes again and picture the energy– the connection it has to the earth and the upward path that this same  energy takes to move its branches upward towards the sunlight.

When we were kids  we were that open and curious. And we didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching us do this, either.  Make your neighbor’s day and be that tree: a yoga-like tree.  Then  pick up the rake again, feeling longer in the spine, and happier for noticing the connection to spirit, life, nature again.  



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connie November 12, 2011 at 2:13 am

What a great idea, Megan. I’m recognizing that my back has suffered from all that leaf-raking and especially bending over to stuff them into the bag. I’m making an intention to stop and go into a tree pose every 10 minutes or so. A great way to realign the spine! And the balance work will be good for me too!


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