My vision is to empower others using the ancient tools of yoga technologies to heal and transform for this 21st century.

By diving deeper and becoming more of who we are though the art and play of meditation, breath work, yoga, and mindsets skills , we will essentially change the way in which we tend to live—-divided from each other, our own hearts,  from nature. 

I want to help you ride the challenges of daily life by accessing the potent power and magic within. 


When my 17-year marriage ended  after many years of dependence on my partner – it felt like it was time for me to ‘grow up.’ Although we had three great children, my relationship had very little ‘soul communication’ and left my mind, body and spirit crying out for more.

I became a student of the Al-Anon book, “The Courage to Change,” and began tapping into the power of my own voice. Following that voice, and my heart, led me to take loads of yoga classes and workshops, which restored my strength and sense of peace.  I enrolled in my first yoga training and became a slightly wobbly, somewhat timid yoga instructor.

At that transitional time, I moved from being dependent to being deliberate in my life and in my choices.

In 2003, I decided to “stretch,” both literally and figuratively, and I began my yoga business. Building upon my usual yoga sessions I added more classes and services by presenting meditation and breath work programs to local hospital groups and their employees.


While my yoga business was growing, it was not yet a sustainable way to make a living so I decided to work in retail on weekends to cover expenses. I kept things going (barely)… until everything changed. In January 2011, I was served a foreclosure notice.

Despite concerns of family and friends, and against all common sense, I allowed this to happen and was completely at peace as I began trusting that the next step would be revealed to me. And it was.


After the quick sale of my condo, I found a simple place to share with a friend,and have opened up the time and space to devote my energies to expand my own heart and soul into this business. Again calling on the courage to change, I hired a business coach and joined a mastermind group.


In yoga, we breathe, we stretch, we expand…


 “I immediately clicked with Megan as a teacher, enjoying both her methods and content.   I have only positive experiences and feelings about Megan.”  Holly Whittaker, Physician Recruiting

I believe the journey that yoga offers can help all of us reach a better version of our selves.  The practices that it takes one through can truly help each one of us  grow into what we came here to do:  to honor ourselves more deeply, take care of each other,  and breathe life and health into the planet.


I teach a blend of yoga styles and transformative stress relief practices to treat heart, body,  and soul, so you can ride the challenges of daily life with ease, grace, and power.

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