Award-Winning Morning

What’s your morning ritual?

Is it—- whatever?


Teeth brushed, coffee in hand, out the door, even though you know there has to be a healthier alternative?

What if you could create a bit more space in your morning so that your whole day and every day  thereafter for the rest of your life on this planet would go more smoothly, calmly, powerfully?

It’s all about intention.  And intention is the invisible energy that creates momentum and miracles.

Thought is energy.

Ask any quantum scientist.

My own coach starts every meet-up with an intention.

Intentions are powerful changers in a yoga class,

or for the way your next work meeting or interview will go,  the tough conversation you’ll be having with a co-worker, a friend, a family member,

or to work towards a life goal.

An intention means that you intend to see the most successful outcome for any upcoming situation or goal that you’ve set —

Because you  saw it first in your mind, your subconscious is the dutiful servant that nearly always sees it through for you if you back it up with trust, and that means, just let it go.

See the best outcome for you and everyone involved (since you want good karma to flow for everyone!)—-

–and then let it go.  Do something else, go read a book, take a walk, eat some ice cream–but just let it go.  Worrying just undoes it all.

But getting back to starting your day more calmly, powerfully, purposefully—-

  • Start the night before.  Set your own intention for how your next day will unfold for you.  See it and steer the details for your day by creating the most  positive outcomes for any situation, project, or circumstance that has you stuck or puzzled somehow.  And then, just let it go.
  • And in the a.m.when the alarm goes off, simply get in the habit of saying, “thank you,” because you know that all will be taken care ofYou intended it, remember?
  • Stretch, exercise, or do a yoga sequence such as Sun Salutations.
  • Take three slow, long, smooth deep breaths and center yourself by sitting in stillness for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Drink a 2-3  glasses  of purified or filtered water before eating or drinking anything else to flood the organs, your brain, with hydration.

And there you are—your starter blueprint for the rest of your healthy, happy life.

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