Back to nature

Just experienced my first ayurvedic consultation today as part of my yoga teacher training.  I spent a couple of hours with this retired surgeon who has lived with these principles all his life while growing up in India.  Ayur means “longevity” or “life,” and veda implies, “related to knowledge.” Knowledge of life, or knowledge of longevity of life.  Wow–who doesn’t want to know more about that.  And what a prescription I was handed at the end of my consult: meditate twice a day, get a massage, and try swimming! (And haven’t done that since I was sloshing through relay races in middle school!)  The exercise was recommended because of the type of “dosha” I am of which there are three types: “vata,” (air), “pitta” (fire), and “kapha” (earth).  Every individual embodies all three according to these principles, but can have an imbalance which can eventually lead to dis-ease in the body (and mind.)  An ayurvedic assessment can help determine any imbalances and guide the individual towards the foods, practices, and patterns that will help”set the balance,”and naturally, too.

Our Western medicine has its place.  But nature does, too.

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