It’s Natural

Here are my yoga buddies doing some yoga poses after an evening session a few weeks ago:

Here’s Darla (right) and Julie (below) with their last down dogs of the evening.

Down dog is that ubiquitous yoga class fixture that we can end up doing 10 times (or more) in one session.

But it’s a fantastic energizer and can strengthen the arms, shoulders, hamstrings, and calf muscles.  It’s also a good go-to pose by itself for relieving headache pain and even helps with mild depression. 

If you only had time for just one pose in your day, make it downward-facing dog.                               

Here, Kathy (to the right) takes on a propped version of Crow pose, or Bakasana, which can really feel like you’re ready to take off.  It strengthens the abdominals, arms, shoulders, and wrists.  Blocks under the feet are good to start with since it brings the floor closer to you–or grab some phone books to lift off from.  And maybe a pillow in front of you–just in case!

And here’s the real down dog,

doing what comes naturally…

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