5 Minute Zen

This program is an 8 day series of guided relaxations delivered right to your in-box, available anytime you need to  feel more centered and grounded, get a lift for your spirit and a boost to your health.  

In this world of continuous flux and change it’s more important than ever before to maintain wellness, and a relaxed and peaceful mind has enormous beneficial effects-

This is for you or anyone in your life who:

  • is curious about meditation but finds it difficult to concentrate for long periods
  • feels anxious, or is physically or mentally fatigued
  • feels powerless by life
  • desires happier, more connected, more meaningful relationships

This series of guided journeys is available to you any time and wherever you are–at your desk or at home– simply click the link, and it’s yours forever.  Each will lead you step-by-step through focused breath and body awareness to melt stored tension and help you release  unproductive thought patterns that keep you from attaining radiant health.

The results?

  • Your brain will produce feel- good chemicals decreasing anxiety, creating more vitality and a focused, more creative  mind
  • Concentration on relaxation and slow deep breathing rejuvenates the body, increases blood flow, and slows the heart rate
  • You will feel more present and develop a deeper sense of direction for your life
  • Your relationships will begin to feel more peaceful and harmonious


The series is just $9.99.   Start your first session today by registering at the link below.


Mine for the gold in your own backyard. Take time to listen to your breath. Listen to spirit.  Regular stillness and relaxation helps us do this.  And when we cultivate our center, the world changes, too.

Start now.

Best to you,