5 Minute Zen Welcome

     Welcome and congratulations to you for investing in your own wellness.  By bringing in more relaxation into your life, you will experience greater health and mental clarity.   

By listening to these audios, you’ll begin to experience a soothing balance to the nervous system.  This “settling in” of the nervous system works like a pebble in the pond—-you begin to send enticing energy waves out into the world, and others around you benefit from the skills you are practicing.  It’s an inner and outer transformation.

Here is what you’ll be getting:

Starting tomorrow, and once a day for 8 days, you will receive a new guided meditation–simply check your in-box and click the link to listen.  You can play the recordings whenever it suits your schedule, and repeat the ones later that are most soothing for you.

Please choose  a quiet time to listen, dress warm but comfortably, and remember to stretch a little before sitting—

See you tomorrow, and enjoy!