The truth about silence I wish I’d known awhile ago

Do you travel with your radio on?  Or do you stroll/run with ear buds in, listening to your playlist?  

No problem there, of course.  It’s great to get the juices going with music that expands our mood or to hear the news updates while we’re driving.

But how about silence once in awhile?

Allowing some space to permeate our down time can help the brain activity reduce its constant searching and learn to calm down.

Yet for most anyone who drops away from the noise, the silence can be scary.  Even threatening.  Our thoughts can run rampant, hopping all over the place, starting imaginary conversations with the inner critic.

The only solution?

A deep breath.

And then another.

The breath creates the gap, the break.

It’s the interruption to the mind conversation, and it also helps you join hands with a potent energy that’s all around us.    But you have to be in a quiet space in order to “log on to this energy highway,” as author Martha Beck calls it.

Try exploring it in small doses at first.

Start by overriding the automatic urge to turn the radio on as soon as you get in your car.

And before popping in the earbuds walk in silence for a bit (10 steps, perhaps?) and listen to the sounds of your breath.

Little thing.  With amazing consequences.


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