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Getting back on track again…

A long but completely beautiful weekend devoted to yoga teacher training that was all about being a mountain.  Or being in mountain pose–Tadasana.

It was a weekend for learning about the subtleties of simply standing tall, centered.  Like the mountain–rooting down with strong legs for connection to terra firma and lifting evenly along both sides of the waist to embrace that upward connection to the sky.

Before becoming the student, I didn’t put much thought into the idea that just putting two feet under the legs and lifting the spine up from there could be at all profound, but it really is  a map to our physical, mental, and emotional health.  Years of gravity, habits, and emotions can drag the body down, move the face forward, rotate the shoulders, and tilt the hips away from a healthy, graceful alignment.

But all of it can be changed— with awareness.

During my own assessment, I was asked to turn in my right foot to line up more directly with my hip– and instantly I felt just a little more vulnerable: I was now “full frontal”–and facing the classroom–tall and lifted.  (What was I turning away from?) So, besides the natural tug of gravity, life can make us want to “turn in” or round our backs and shift our stance so we don’t stand as centered or strong as we should.

And here’s a tip to start feeling happier (small but effective over time!): Take a deep breath and bring ears over shoulders and lift the armpits slightly ( get the feeling for this by placing your thumbs right under the tops of the armpits and feel the natural lifting occur) while spreading the shoulders down the back. Re-visit this little sequence regularly until it becomes your new normal.

Observe the changes…



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