Daydreams to real time

I’m a huge fan of almost every kind of self-help book—I started reading versions of them since about the tender, impressionable age of 13.  I remember a photograph of me on my grandmother’s back porch, in my matching shorts and t-shirt,  peering intently into my book and fiddling with my red hair.  I was reading “The World is Your Oyster,” or something like that.      

I knew back then there was something completely  magical and powerful to our world, something “Narnia-like,” that could coax all my wishes into life if I knew how to access it.  But as the years went on, the practical nature of my day to day reality took over and the dreams soon went to the back shelf–behind the hair ribbons, swim trophies, and teen diaries.

I still had the occasional daydreams, but it’s when I began a more regular yoga practice that another dimension to my thinking started up again.  As I got re-acquainted with the mind’s connection to keeping the body physically healthy, I also reawakened my curiosity about the vast energy field that surrounds and connects us all.  The books and individuals writing and speaking on this very topic started to appear everywhere for me again.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed watching Anthony Meindl, and reading the fantastic blogs of Steve Pavlina, Mary Morrissey, Christy Whitman, and Alexandra Franzen.

See if you find something pretty amazing from them.  I really think you will.  And if you can add on to this personal development/quantum thinking list, I’d love to hear!

(Image courtesy of Tumblr “b&w girl”)

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