Everyday audit

She’s as solid as a rock and when I look at her I start to feel the same way, too.

She’s Quan Yin, the female Buddha who looks like she  dresses up a bit more than her male counterpart before she takes her meditation seat.  She has on a beautiful robe and wears great jewelry, her hair neatly swept up on top of her head.  Her eyes are slightly lowered and she looks as if she’s about to drift off to sleep, with the tiniest hint of a Mona Lisa smile on her face.

Her presence seems to whisper, “what’s your hurry?”         

She’s just an artist’s version of  a meditative form, but when I walk into the waiting area of the healing center where she sits permanently in lotus position, I feel an instant download of peacefulness.

It was the same experience I remember as a little girl looking up at the Mary statue—surrounded in soft blue-robes, with a sweet, endearing face that I thought looked right into me.

“It’s ok, don’t worry, Megan,” I thought she seemed to be transmitting to me.

I find the quiet space around Quan Yin just as comforting as the hushed atmosphere of the church I spent my childhood schooldays in.

We all need to set aside the time for a bit of a sacred audit everyday.  Even just 5 minutes can bring us back into alignment with our hearts.

Don’t have one ?

(Uhhm.  A sacred space is what I mean.  I know you’ve got a heart..a big one.  I can feel it.)

You can create your own blessed space.   A chair by a window, a special cushion in a corner of your room, the stoic old tree in the backyard.  Even a small statue or nature token kept on a windowsill can radiate spirit if you bring your reverent attention to it regularly.

The everyday sacred audit can be your lifeboat.



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