It’s a Green Life

A juicer is on my Christmas wish list this year.

Liquid nutrients in the  form of grassy greens (not just grass of course, as in wheatgrass, but also the greens in the form of spinach, kale, collards, mustard greens, etc)  practically drench your insides with vitality.  And a more plant-based diet not only invigorates the body, but it’s a bonus to the environment because what goes on our plates has a huge impact on  Mother Earth.  Have you watched “Food, Inc,” yet?   And take a look at the trailer “Forks Over Knives” here.

Funny that it’s costing us so much more to eat healthy, though.  But  as Author Kris Carr of the book  “Crazy Sexy Diet”  points out:  “I’d much rather put my money in the crisper than in the medicine cabinet.”

Here’s a really sweet, very informative video on how to mix up a green drink with lots of flavor.  See it at this link:  I’m fired up now to test my own version – –the green drinks I’ve been picking up in the grocery aisle are fantastic-tasting but really add up.

To your health and the planet,



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