A healing protocol

She got the dreaded “C” word pitched to her.

My dear friend, a phenomenal and gifted teacher, is taking time out of a richly rewarding life to consider the flip side—its mortality.

It’s been rough, she said.  

A shock, and then a real roller-coaster ride.

A  hell.

Now, more than ever, she needs an opportunity to take her gaze away from the external issues she’s facing.

Like the stern face of her doctor who says “we needed to take more lymph out than we thought originally,”

to the round of  chemo chairs and drips that make it all the more gut-wrenching,

to the hair that fell out in chunks within 13 days rather than the 16 that was originally predicted, and so didn’t have the wig ready,

to the wig that was not quite right,

to the bandana that provided a bit more  comfort,

and finally, just favoring her baldness because,

“ah, f**k it, my head’s itchy!”

My dear friend’s body is now undergoing a physical reorganization from the chemo. 

But what about a mental, emotional, and spiritual reorganization?

My friend could use a healing protocol,

a new kind of process that inspires courage and hopeful expectation so that her body can begin the dance of a response at some very deep, even  miraculous level.

She needs hope.

Penney Peirce is an author and “intuition development trainer”  who takes her readers on a journey to the most subtle level of the body–the place where form melts away into energy. 

Her practices involve the creation of a heart/mind connection in order to “feel and sift” one’s way into a profound calmness and receptivity where healing starts.

Penney’s “Diamond Light Body” practice from her book, Frequency, offers an incredible start for my friend.

In this practice she leads the reader into imagining that behind you stands “your diamond light body,” a self so radiant and transparent that nothing  blocks its energy.

This light body radiates only wisdom and harmony.

Slowly this illuminated, transparent YOU starts to step into and match up with your own physical body perfectly– from the brain, to the heart, to the organs, even matching up harmoniously with every cell.

This action starts to create a resonance in the body.  Healing pathways start to open up like the petals on a flower.

Suddenly it seems there is a feeling of hope streaming through—and new levels of being.

And perhaps a cure.

Maybe you know someone who can use this new way of approaching their health.

Try envisioning it for yourself.



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