How to transform your next vacation into an evolution

Do yoga.

No, really.                                                       

Include some yoga poses or do a whole class while you’re on the road and see a shift happen.

Or at least you might feel more tuned in so that the away from home experience is even more restorative to the body and mind.

September is Yoga Awareness Month and hotels from around the country have been offering yoga sessions–some even complimentary—to highlight the occasion.

This really gets me all tingly and happy.


Because it means that the goodness that is yoga  is going to be felt and recognized by a wider audience, including families.   And how great is that?

I want to live in a world where EVERYONE gets to know an essential truth–

that health, healing, happiness and goodness starts inside of ourselves first.  

And what better way to start than when you’re getting ready to let go of the old routines, the old mindsets, for some time away?

Here’s the scoop on vacation yoga and the hotels that can’t wait to exhale with you:



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