I am calm now

Gabby Bernstein is a fellow adventurer on the spiritual quest, and she has some wonderful ways of strengthening a meditation practice and making it more front and center in our lives with these mantras:

  • “I am calm now”  Repeat to yourself as a walking meditation or just as a mantra while sitting.
  • “Peace is within me”  Use your fingertips–as a hand mudra practice–to tap the fingerpoints while reciting each word.
  • “Sat Nam”  The Truth is in you.  (Like saying, “may the Force be with you.” Powerful thought.) On the inhale–say Sat, on the exhale—Nam.
  •  “So Hum”  I AM THAT.  Which means,  “As above, so it is below.” We are already the Divine– the microcosm within the macrocosm.  Say the word “So,” on your inhale, “hum,” on your exhale.


Namaste xo


(image courtesy of classyinthecity)



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