Inner Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is not just about the physical movements worked through in a yoga studio—

it also refers to the human journey—the path we move along in the world that either sets us up for health or subtracts from it.

We live in a world that bombards our senses so relentlessly we rarely have the time to digest it all.  And all that undigested stuff-–everything from food to thoughts to feelings to information can leave us disconnected from our hearts, minds, bodies, to each other.

Our way of coping with all the distractions can look like a futile and frantic search to fill ourselves up with every craving our modern world rushes to supply for us, steering us further and further away from our essential nature.

Our inner guide.

Yoga, (which means “yoke,” or “unite”) refers to the connection to our own deepest voice, not just flexibility in the body. With a bit of stillness, we begin to sense somehow that our inner guide isn’t always crying out for food but instead, just wants our whole-hearted presence.

So although yoga poses can stimulate the metabolism and build muscle tone, even more deeply it can wake up a personal fire and will that simply requires our cultivated attention to it.

So how do we make our way back to this power? Yoga books tell us it is under our  noses—our breath.  (Just like Dorothy discovering there really is no place like home)…

With practice–and no kidding here, it does take some practice—we can learn to pause by tapping in to the breath, enough to slow down and even interrupt the cravings and unhealthy- for- us practices.

Essentially, we begin to feel ourselves from the inside out, helping us break free of old responses and automatic tendencies.  

We begin to breathe in sunlight and our own pure energy.

And that’s pretty powerful.

You can begin right now to soothe your brain and body.  Sit tall in your chair, close your eyes, and take5 slow breaths.

And do this again before a meal or even a snack.

Not only does the increased intake of breath begin dilating the blood vessels and wake up the metabolism, it also turns up energy, decreases stress, and nurtures the self in a way that no relationship, TV show, new shoes, or food craving can.

Add this “breath-break” to your weight loss toolkit and begin to uncover the path back to YOU –authentic, vibrant, and truly healthy in the most balanced way.

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