Juicing Thoughts

Made my absolutely first in the raw green smoothie after lugging home a new juicer from Macy’s.  I thought it was so mesmerizing to watch this green liquid fill up the side pitcher, like  some kind of unfolding school science experiment.

And it was incredible.

Not the James Beard Food Award kind of  incredible, but just vibrant–a  light, not at all sludgy,  pureness sliding down the throat.  And maybe I just imagined it,  but I  think I felt a pretty lively surge of energy afterward.

The recipe is complements of Kris Carr, best-selling author of “Crazy Sexy Diet.” There’s loads of variations for green smoothies, of course, but I think I’ll stick with hers for awhile:

4-5 Romaine leaves

3-4 Kale leaves (stems and all)

2-3 celery stalks

2 cucumbers (peeled if not organic)

1″ piece of ginger root

2 pieces of broccoli stalks!

2 pears (once again, peel them if not organic)

Kris recommends drinking 2 of these a day for the incredible health benefits.  And even if you only have one of these a week, what a great earthy smelling freshness you’ll notice in the kitchen–a great reminder of our human to plant connection and how important it all truly  is to our health.


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