Leaning in again

Why did I not write for months and months…. I’m wondering that still. I think I just chose to close up the pipeline to hearing my inspiration. For some reason I felt not so confident with my direction, with my work, with where I needed to be. With all the fogginess I couldn’t make out much of where my next steps were supposed to be.   Then I started  to live  what I define, as a “conventional  life,” with more routine days, schedules, predictable tasks. In fact, I went from perfect freedom to expected appointments. My family may call it being mature.  I did not adhere to unreliability— no well meaning adult wants to be considered un-reliable…   I just happened to do life in the way that I chose to go about it– but in a most reliable way.

So I’m leaning in again.

I’m ready again to be a more reliable writer, getting the inspiration down where I can see it and consider it and be surprised or uncomfortable with it.

I still don’t feel absolutely blazing and burning about writing again, but its time to show up. I just happen to know it.

See you again very soon..

Fingers limbering up.











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