Life lines

Visited with family this past weekend—-siblings, sisters-in-law, nieces, their spouses, pets Mac the boxer and Murphy the terrier mix—and savored the closeness.    One of the best stress-relievers around is catching up with people you love and who have a vested interest in you…

Big brother and wife made the hosting arrangements in DC, and we shared what’s been happening in our lives these past months.  And I was especially feeling the pinch of being so distant from them all so I wanted to do a lot of catch up.

So much of a life well lived is grounded in relating to one another–family, friends, neighbors— regularly.
Bonding and community is in our DNA.

Social media has enabled the whole planet to connect.  But we need to look up from our screens and look each other in the eye—-we need to connect face to face, as well.

My niece expressed the need so poignantly when she talked of missing the feeling of some kind of community around her while raising her 1 year-old after leaving her teaching post.

So even if you can’t be with the one you love,  it’s good to reach out and love– like— or just start a conversation with—- the one you’re with (or nearest to!)     Our lives depend on it.

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