This is magic week.

Some may even say mystical.          

However you may observe Halloween, “All Saints’ Day, Fall Harvest time, or Day of the Dead–whether it’d be “just kids’ stuff” or the only reason to celebrate all year—give yourself full permission to shift your awareness from the seen, the practical, the proven, and more towards the intuitive, the universal, the transcendent.

This isn’t a suggestion for searching out gnomes or fairies.  Just a reminder that the fully integrated life—a life well lived—is one that stops frequently to go “into soft focus” mode to experience the inner landscape of the heart.
You can take the slow, mindful deep breaths as a “timeout,” or hold the glass of water or tea in the hand and with the mind focused on it completely, say a quiet prayer of healing for your health or that of a loved one.  And take slow, mindful sips….
We only need the power of awareness to step into this harmonious place that beckons us into the journey of opening:   the opening to the mystery that is life.  

“You must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light and of every moment of your life.”    Walt Whitman


(Image courtesy pinterest)

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