Making Space

I’ve now comfortably settled into my temporary space after saying goodbye to my previous life as a condo owner. It wasn’t the most pleasant of moves since it was a short sale, but I was ready to leave and let go of as many attachments as I could handle: old clothing, many pieces of furniture, kitchen items that I barely remember using. But the photos and creative pieces of long ago school artwork from my kids will be carted around with me for awhile–I’ll just make room for it.

My current space feels like an artist’s hideaway. It’s the second floor of a tiny house much closer to the city. A yoga friend has opened her space to me which feels as harmonious and positive as I could possibly want at this time in my life. I’m in a room painted sunny yellow with golden hardwood floors, completely furnished, with a tiny computer desk for setting up an office. On one wall there is a poster of a giant sunflower which I take as a reassuring sign that all is good: I was about ten years old when Mum O’Brien brought home the Van Gogh print “Sunflowers” one day to place prominently on our living room wall.

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