Mantras to help you transform

Mantras in ancient Sanskrit is a part of yoga.  Saying them helps you connect energetically to the flow of the Universe.

It also raises your vibration–and that’s a really good thing.

Higher vibrancy in the body increases your health, emotionally and physically, and it also just makes you a more pleasant person to be around.

You can repeat one whenever you need to calm yourself, to reroute your thoughts, or to use as a sweet accompaniment to your meditation practice to help you focus your awareness.

Here are a few that I like to use, with their meaning:

  • SAT-NAM:             “My breath is one with the Universe”
  • SO HUM:                 “I Am That,”  “I Am Truth”
  • MOKSHA:               “I can see infinite possibilities at all times”
  • SHIVA SHAKTI:   ” The gods and goddesses express their attributes and powers through me”
  • SAN KALPA:            “My intentions have infinite organizing power”

Weave one of these into your daily rituals list and see how your composure begins to shift during the stressful moments.



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