Into that dark wood

In her beautiful guidebook, “A Return to Love,” Marianne Williamson shares a prayer to remember when we’re just about to come unglued and fall in to one of our old emotional patterns.         

God, please help me.  This is it.  Right here.  This is where the sword enters my heart.  This is where I blow it every time.”

It’s when the pain is greatest is exactly when we have the biggest opportunity to face it down and move on from it.

Williamson says that the enemy isn’t the other person, but the FEELING—-the truly uncomfortable sensation that makes us want to run, defend, attack, or make the other person feel exactly what we’re feeling, but really isn’t…

Here is where we ask for the miracle that will help us open the window and gaze at the view a little differently—

to make another choice.

To realize that we HAVE another choice.

This past year and into 2014, I’ve been actively practicing and applying the  Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction.

It’s easy to practice, as I will explain in my ebook coming to an inbox near you in April, but it can be tested a bit,  especially when you find yourself running into the wall of old beliefs and perceptions.  These old mindsets can  run static-y interference with the  “believe it’s already here” law of envisioning the  most spectacular picture for your life.

So we need our tools.  Our rituals.  A first aid kit of mindset breakthroughs when the brain wants to play back the old familiar “I am not worthy” dance tune.

We can stop the mental track by taking deep breaths. (Tool #1 from ancient wellness practices.)

We can acknowledge our wall with Williamson’s prayer.

We can say a mantra (a favorite of mine) “Source, Universe, God: please set me free from ALL limiting beliefs that block me from believing in my greatness.”

We can interrupt the mental tape by quietly tapping the chest (an EFT practice) or even place a hand over your chest and repeat the word “PEACE.”

Don’t let the past create your today.  Have a backpack with you.  Fill it full with courageous survival tools as you move into this foreign land of seeing yourself  and your life in a brand new way.

And you’ll be prepared.  Just like a boy scout.



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