Dream List

It’s a quantum leap, but you can predict your outer life tomorrow by looking at your inner self today.

So keep your mind on the outcomes you want to see spill out into your life, and just know and live with utter certainty that God, Source, the Universe, is completely friendly with those dreams.

Intend them.  Look over your goal list regularly.  But then let the desire go.  Clutching and pleading–the way I did when I held on to my kid-size rosary beads in grade school-won’t gather your desires any closer.   Instead, just learn to let them  sprinkle out like fairy dust into the great big cosmic Field out there and say, “thanks!”

So here’s my dream list:

  • Be with an inspiring community of manifesters--daily
  • Lead regular YOGA + transformation workshops–internationally!
  • Weekly massage, monthly pedi
  • Take my kids and extended family on a long-overdue vacation
  • Contribute my time and money weekly to environmental, sustainable living, and animal rights causes
  • Create an on-line workbook of “yoga tools for daily living”
  • Create an awesome playlist for listening at home and and in my classes
  • This one’s private!
  • Create a woman’s circle
  • Start an inspiring podcast series on my site
  • Hire a personal chef
  • fall in love again
  • have 3 well-trained dogs
  • live in Europe for part of the year
  • look up the relatives in Ireland
  • get my hybrid car

what’s yours?


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