No pills required

Bust through some old limiting beliefs today.

Just by relaxing.

Every time your mind wants to veer off into the usual mental tape of  negativity, worry, anxiety, criticism, or judgement, conjure up your personal word or image.

Herbert Benson, M.D., originated  “The Relaxation Response,” a protocol to instill relaxation in the body by progressively scanning and letting go of tension  from the crown of the head to the feet and then focusing on a specific word or image during each exhalation.

Your word could be “One,” or “OM,” “Peace,” “Calm,” or “Love.” Your image could be an inspirational icon, a favorite vacation spot, a well-respected member of your family tree, a spiritual image such as the Buddha, Jesus, or even the face of your favorite pet.

And if there’s no time to relax yourself with this body scanning method—

at the very least, then, can you check your shoulders to allow them to broaden down the back more?

Then drop the thought that has you off and running down the mental stress highway and instead, conjure up your word or image and combine it with a long exhalation.

Let it replace the mind activity.

There you have it — living with more grace, ease and well-being.

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