My angry assignment

I have an assignment—-  to write my thoughts on what is it about our world that makes me angry.   This question comes from Scott Dinsmore’s “Live Your Legend” 7 day blog writing challenge, and this is the first task.

I had a moment where I felt that I wouldn’t tackle this one, or that I’d make up my own topic to write on just because I don’t find it useful or helpful for me (or even anyone reading it) to write about being angry.  I’m  trading in old mindsets these days to relish a more balanced inner state.  My influence for this is the massive amounts of Abraham videos and CDs I’ve been listening to and implementing in my daily life. 

Now I know that anger is useful. It can truly have its place as an enormous change agent. It can be just the ticket when one is cornered or being taken advantage of, or when all you’ve been feeling is apathy or indifference. Then anger can be the energy the body and mind needs to move into action.

How does the emotion of anger now play out in my life when I feel it’s truly needed?  And as it relates to our world?  Victimhood gets a rise out of me (and I’ve done that role well). And also indifference when I see it (and I can do that one too…)

As a member of this planet, though,  I’m feeling the exposure to a new paradigm–a “shift” that is spreading out like electrical currents (because that’s what it is) from person to person, that even science is on board, studying it and constructing theories around it, calling IT the quantum field—the field of energy waves we all stand in.

So what would this have to do with anger? If  I complete my assignment, then, I would write about the anger from feeling that we all have  this tremendous power, yet our lives say otherwise.  We have the tools to focus, to transform out of the old mindset of letting the external world drag us around.  We now know (irrefutably!) that it is US leading IT.

But this is powerful position to acknowledge about ourselves.  It means giving up our apathy, or victim- like views.  It would mean that one has to take ACTION rather go for the ride in the back seat, to realize that if there is  any change to be made, then we have to BE that change. It means we must be willing to transform our worn out responses to living in this new world.

Science proves it. If you don’t believe in the enormous force field that emanates from your  own heart, then believe in the science of it.

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