Ode to the Tree

I’ve been feeling completely inspired by the majestic tree that shades the porch of a friend’s house.  It’s massive.

It’s also part of the architecture—their porch was built around the base of its trunk so it shows off its mightiness when you pull up a chair under it.

And then it even sings to you—birds you can’t see but hear are grateful to have it, too.


There are so many similarities between the real tree and the ones we mimic in a yoga class-

The idea that we root down through the legs to tap into the energy of Mother Earth,

and the lifting of the ribs is the start of our courage as we begin reaching out and up, recalling our connection to Source, our divine path….

I borrowed this poem from Leza Lowitz:

“How difficult it is to stand strong and tall

How much more difficult to do it on one leg.

God knew what she was doing when she made us bipedal.

Yet we spend most of our life hunched over, denying the true weight of the gift we’ve been given.

Now the trunk aches as it tries to expand to full height, buried as it’s been , in the bone.

Gain and loss, victory and defeat, mind and soul–dualities vanish.

The tree grows green against the blue sky drawing the sun’s rays through the slatted shutters of the ribs.

We are the roots.

We are the forests and the trees.

Here there is only one trunk.

On it rests the world.”

Be like the tree.

and keep lifting up towards the sun–

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