Be powerful and just let go

Did you know that many of the great minds in our history all seemed to share  a particularly successful (apparently) habit with each other?  (Think Aristotle, Einstein, Archimedes, Edison, Tesla, Churchill, Lincoln…)

They all liked to frequently wander off and rest, take naps, soak in the tub, swim, sit and stare out a window, or go for long walks after bouts of intense work.

They made ready use of the power they knew that relaxation could have on their ability to access another type of intelligence.  A type of knowledge streaming from a greater Mind, from Source, from The FIELD.

They instinctively knew that disconnecting from limited left brain analysis could open up their own limited resources to another ultimate power source simply by letting go and gettin’ jiggy with it.

They un-plugged and learned to simply ALLOW.

We all have the same immense power source to fall back on.

We just need to polish up the connection again.

Stepping away from our earthly power sources—-the computer, the cell phone—and running off to play, dance, stare out the window, hug, sit under a tree, or just simply BE, is the way to re-connect the link.

Merlin the magician once told his young student Arthur to just breathe, “because what I know is in the air. 

Breathe…..and it will be there.” 



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