People Who Inspire

If I could create a boardroom of people to meet up with every morning to get my wake-up, my inspiration, my mojo, I would pick a pretty diverse group:

my missionary friend  who creates non-profits like most people collect pens, 

a schoolteacher buddy who loves her profession so much she leaves the building after the janitor most nights,

a sweet but get-‘er-done former real estate woman who dreamed up and finally purchased a building that she and her husband rent to healers at a drastically reduced cost, just so that they can do their work to help people heal.

And I’d resurrect a few from the past to sit around the table with me, too.

Abe Lincoln would be a great dose of some much needed homespun logic and good sense. I’d love to get his ideas on what the world needs right now.  I think I’d feel very safe and grounded around him.


When I’m feeling particularly whiny and sorry for myself, I’d want Helen Keller there to help me switch   gears.

Albert Einstein wanted to know the mind of God.  What could be more of a shake-up to tired old thinking  than that?

So who would make up your council?  Who would you want to gather for your own community of support?



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