Refuge in the mind

“I don’t want to leave this spot.   This has been so comforting.”

Laura was smiling, looking peaceful and serene, in a spacious conference room on the 30th floor of a downtown office building, the wide -open view of the sky behind her.

Laura and a handful of her co-workers had just wrapped up a trip from their chairs, all without any hallucinogenics slipped to them on their way in.

It was a journey to a “refuge in the mind”— using a guided bit of imagery to a place they could conjure up anywhere in the world: a spot on a wide open beach, in the mountains, by a beautiful serene lake, or even back to a childhood room surrounded by books and favorite stuffed animals.

Accessing the mind to find that safe, comfortable, comforting space is our greatest resource for healing.

And making it a regular journey will help release a relaxing flow of the good-feeling chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and oxytocin–increasing the vitality of all the systems of the body.

In fact, the young field of neuroscience is now studying ways  to re-calibrate our health numbers–kind of like what the BMI (as in body mass index) numbers do right now, except that they leave a rather incomplete picture of the individual.

But get ready, the future of medicine may confirm that the way our brain enables us to relax and release our grip on life may hold the key to our long-term health and vitality.

And you can start right now.

Or this evening when your schedule loosens up a bit.

Sit back, take three deep breaths, sit in stillness, or listen in to a guided relaxation session that you can find anywhere on the internet–your prescription for the day.    Or start here for a 6 minute journey:  inner-sanctuary.mp3 (and p.s.: turn your  volume way up!)

You are invited to join me for a guided imagery session and to learn about more great tools to connect to and awaken the most potent part of you —  September 16, at GoYoga studios, Powell, Ohio.  Tickets are $25.   Email me at mcgearym@gmail to claim your spot (please leave your name and phone number)—spaces are limited!


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