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How is it that we so easily forget our own internal ability for simply being—–happy?

Now that science is becoming more curious about spirituality, we ‘re beginning to see how the human mind is the driver.

Just because we’ve been conditioned to behave a certain way by our culture, we’ve developed the very addictive habit of viewing the external world as the cause, or the reason for our unhappiness, our anxiety, our reactions.

Yet science has now drawn its conclusions:


To become happy we simply decide to.

And the more the choice is made in that direction, the more the brain gets busy re-wiring new neural paths.

Waaay too simple.

Too quaint.

Yet there it is.

Test it out for yourself.

Make a list of everyday happiness choices–your own personal list of positive aspects—- to help you develop this new pattern in your life…

Try a laugh with your best friend. Smell something citrus-y.  Pet a dog.  Listen to your tunes.  Tap into deep conscious breaths everyday. Take a nap. Start a 10 minute meditation practice—everyday...

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