Sonnet to the Earth

All quiet here while spending lots of time behind the scenes of the website, concocting yoga on-line projects, programs, and an  e-course.

But it’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m moved to say to family, friends, distant friends on other continents–may LOVE reign in your life.

My Valentine gift to me will be to back away from the computer and venture outside–not as a rush between front door and car but as a walk without any plan or destination.  Time to foster awareness again and simply ” massage the earth with the feet.”  To consider the rich space that lies dormant between winter and spring. The space that brings new depth and abundance to our lives.

In addition to the candy hearts and  flowers, what ways can you welcome this day with new eyes and new ways of appreciating your world? Can you stop and take a closer look at the beauty of a bare tree silhouetted by a sunrise?  The shine of the snow on the grass at night?    Slow down and simply notice…

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