Stand Powerfully

Getting ready to write a paper on all the ways one can stand in “Mountain” pose or “Tadasana.”   Got the assistance of a friend to be the mountain and was able to discover a long tale about  her, physically and emotionally,  from just this pose.

How healthfully one  stands upright and powerfully balanced can depend on everything from where the shoulders go–forward of the body or nicely spread down and back, to the chin--whether jutting forward in front of the shoulders or lined up over them, to the hips--one hiked up more than the other, or both hip points squared off  towards the front of the room.

Check your feet out, too… Do you drop heavily into the inside or outside of the feet? Ask someone to take a look for you.  For a healthy posture the feet need to press equally into all four corners–two “corners” in the heels and two corners in the ball of the foot.

Emotionally, you’ll feel better if you can stand tall, shoulders spreading down the upper back, feet firmly planted to pull that energy up through the entire body.  And keep going back to your yoga class– with consistent practice, your body will find a healthy line-up.

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