Your Transformation Will Save the World

I love Martha Beck.

She is for me the kindred soul  she writes about in her new book, “Finding Your Way in the Wild New World”—where she describes the deeply personal resonance she experienced when she met a kindred soul on her travels.  The kind of resonance that made  her want to jump up and down and shout—- “YOU YOU YOU! It’s YOU!  YOU ARE THE  MISSING PIECE!

I think of her in this same way.  Reading her words felt like a little trail of  bread crumbs appeared and started leading me back to my essential self.  Her observations about life and cultivating gentle stillness in order to heal ourselves and the planet rings out like a giant gong for me.

Yogis talk about meditation.  Martha talks about Wordlessness.  Allowing regular moments of stillness–breath counting, heartbeat listening, emptiness— is exactly the “human improvement series” that is so profoundly needed in this world now.  And that’s what will save it.  Fear, analysis, opinion, divisiveness, disconnection tends not to.

In her book, Martha visits with a small team of friends who are dedicated to the preservation of land and animals in Africa.  They tell her their grand vision in life is  “restoring Eden.”  Wow–  I feel an urge to jump up and down again.

And here is the bridge :

we first restore Eden by strengthening the link between our hearts and minds.  Through meditation or whatever your word may be for complete stillness, we dismantle our fears and build muscles of deep compassion.

And that tendril of awareness  to our hearts reflects back out into the world like a giant mirror and creates



a desire to see

peace and health in every living thing.

What we feel inside is communicated outside-

out there in the world.

Transform your heart, transform the world.

And read Martha’s book.

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