Ten Reasons to Give Mindfulness A Try

1. You might not lose your car keys as often                                                                                            

2. You’ll start to feel more peaceful

3. That stress chemical cortisol will calm down and your health will improve

4. People will want to be around you more and will tell you how calm you look

5. Others will want you around in an emergency—you will be the one with the cooler head.

6.  You won’t lose your cell phone as often

7. You’ll notice (and remember) more of the scenery around you

8. Your senses will get more fine-tuned

9. The things that made you anxious won’t have so much power over you anymore

10. You’ll start to feel moments of spontaneous joy bubbling up in your life—–for no reason.   Just because.


Mindfulness is simply about slowing down and checking in—with the breath, with the body.

In the old world view, this sounds like “navel-gazing” —–which was a way of saying “quit being so into yourself.”

But what’s really happening when you practice mindfulness, or stillness, or meditation, is that you are creating a more expansive way of showing up in the world.

It’s not checking out, it’s truly about checking back in.

Make it a practice to regularly concentrate your awareness on your heart after a few deep breaths.  Sense its pulsing out into your arms and legs.  Or notice your hips sitting in your chair, sense the soles of your feet as you cross the street.  Pause for a moment to be aware of the food on your plate and see its textures, the colors, the smell of it.

Mindfulness is about coming back and remembering you—the whole person.

It’s good for you and everyone you encounter.




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