Here are a few testimonials about classes and workshops I offer:


“Megan helped me immensely–I had my sights set on a specific career, and with her help, I learned to focus in a specific way and feel confidence in the testing and interview stages.  Her ability to be authentic always felt deeply personal, and I knew she was focused on my specific needs.   She always thought deeply about our relationship in that moment and the best way to coax honest reflection from me.

She is a great coach in the best sense-she wants her ‘players’ to win on all levels.  I highly recommend Megan.”  Paige Morris, Line Mechanic for AEP Ohio

“One of Megan’s greatest strengths is her ability to make each session familiar and unique at the same time.  Each session builds on the same basic fundamentals, but I never get bored with it because she is always presenting something in a new way or has a new idea for us to consider.  The other strength Megan brings to her classes is her calm and caring personality.  It is evident she practices the techniques she presents because her presence and voice are very calming.  She expresses genuine care for the participants and their well being through careful listening and thoughtful feedback to questions or issues. ”  Megan Kubala, CPA, Columbus, Ohio

“Megan has a very calm manner and also provides a lot of information to her participants so that we could use the tools and skills she taught us at home.   Her classes have helped to improve my life in that I now recognize the importance of breathing more deeply as well as attempting to become more aware of my body’s reaction to my surroundings and learning to relax myself when I’m in a stressful situation.   I highly recommend Megan!”  Jennette Lawson, Finance Coordinator

“Megan’s sessions gave me the chance to unwind, relax and refocus.   I highly recommend her talents and methods. ”
Audrey Beale, Facility Coordinator

“I immediately clicked with Megan as a teacher, enjoying both her methods and content.  She does an excellent job of adjusting to the varying needs of the different people who attend her classes each week and the number of people attending. She never knew whether she would have 2 or 10 in any given class.  Megan always adapted.  I have only positive experiences and feelings about Megan.”  Holly Whittaker, Physician Recruiting


“Megan has truly helped me.  My practice with her has significantly improved my flexibility and strength.

Two years ago I ruptured my C5/6 vertebrae.  The pain was unbearable and the recovery challenging.  When I completed physical therapy I was strongly encouraged to continue with yoga.  I believe that the suggestions Megan gave enabled me to recover completely from the ruptured vertebrae and not have ongoing issues with pain.  Megan gave me a sequence of poses and stress-relieving breath techniques that I do regularly since it helps me refocus and be more effective at a challenging and very fast-paced job.” Cyndi Tussing, Physician Recruiting