The Calm Test

Vanished.  Just like that.

One minute it was in my hand.  The next minute I was scrambling under the car, inside the car, turning the purse upside down and shaking it.

So it felt like it had vanished.  But really, the path I took that afternoon was from car to coffee stop, and back out again, all potentially being the dropping off points for my cell phone.

All those points in between, though, were checked, and nothing.  Pfzzzzt.  Just like that.  Gone.  And this quickly escalates into one of the biggest tests for retrieving inner yoga calm that I’ve had in  awhile.

I let myself get caught up in the long woe-ful tale behind it–all my numbers! Lost.

Favorite kids pictures!  Lost.

And right nowI’m out of touch with everyone!

And the slide down the mental drain got worse: standing in line at T-Mobile.  Then it was,  “No insurance?”  “New phones over here!”  Breathe....

Later that evening–the calm prevails.  Stuff happens.

What was that about?

Just more stories to take over the prevailing truth–

which is essentially,  you are everything you will ever need.

Must try the cell phone/ computer diet.

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