The De-Stress Key

The John Lennon song that plays all over the the airwaves at this time of  year makes me stop and wonder….” and so, what have I  done?”

2010 has been quite a pivotal year in my life, from dealing with the tension and embarrassment of a foreclosure, to saying goodbye to the last child off to school, to making a decision to close the proverbial door on any possibility of returning to the secure and routine way of doing things and instead being comfortable with not knowing……………..

This has been a frightening prospect if I let my mind take over—  my old method of handling things  was to let self get caught up in all sorts of   unsettling emotions, or I’d attempt to practice positive thinking to keep myself above it all.

Now I realize it’s more about taking a quantum leap by directing energy–mind energy-— regularly.  And all the time if I can swing it.

Even before getting out of bed in the morning.

In the wonderful book, “Ruling Your World,”  Tibetan monk Sakyong Mipham  refers to cultivating “the discernment of the tiger.” Just as the tiger stays alert to its surroundings before placing a paw down, we must stay awake and alert to where we place our thoughts, moment by moment.

There’s no doubt that bringing this level of awareness to the way our brain reacts each day won’t be a quick fix.  But certainly worthwhile if you want to start a life of freedom–freedom from the roller coaster of emotion that most of us get stuck on.

But if we learn to watch and be attentive to the myriad number of thoughts that consume us, then our larger Self–our Best Self– becomes the ruler of our world.

Watch the thoughts–breathe–let them go.  And keep repeating.

take care


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