We’re all in this together

I spoke recently to a group about the very relevant topic of how to de-stress both IN the workplace and in life.

They sat around the conference table looking in various stages of interest as I mentioned that we are in a time of the “ordinary awakening,” as I first heard it from the modern spiritual guru, Gangaji.

She meant this as a time on our planet for reaching enlightenment as not just for those sitting in faraway caves or on mountaintops, but for you, me, and the guy sitting next to you on the airplane.

Mike (I’ve changed his name) was at the far opposite end of the table, looking the most bemused.  As if to say, “I’m only here because the lunchroom was too crowded.”

I felt as if he wanted more convincing that yes, these ancient tools are the way out of the constancy of our mental chattering, that peace can be had right under our own noses if only we made it a habitual source of our awareness.

After sharing these tools with the group, I was surprised to hear Mike say he had a comment as I was wrapping up the discussion.

“All that talk about enlightenment was made popular by the Beatles in the ’70’s.  But yet it still seems as if the world isn’t any less stressed.”

I told Mike and the group that although I know of no survey that’s been done proving the development of more and more de-stressed, enlightened individuals, there is an ever-increasing acceptance of this potent source of  energy that we can tune into through stillness.

Corporations are bringing progressive relaxation in for their weekly wellness meetups.  Hospitals are getting more feng shu’ed with their room updates. Meditation groups continue to spring up in book clubs, parks, and on-line.

The awareness just continues to grow in the idea that there is a “field” that we can learn to tap into to increase our peace and help shed the mental/emotional fog.

It looked like Mike was still digesting this as I led them on a short guided meditation.

Every era in our history has produced “masters of enlightenment.” It’s always been with us, this desire to stretch our minds into new levels of peaceful interaction while on the planet.

And really all it takes is you. 

YOUR desire to promote it within.

YOUR intention to create and discover this new path in your life.

I watched everyone as  they quietly left the room.  Some looked less stressed.  Some came over to me wanting me to know how physically “relieved” they felt.

Mike approached me afterwards.

More on Mike later….





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