Wow–I think I just blasted an inadvertant  f**k you to the Universe just recently.

I really didn’t mean to.       

Or did I?

It all started with a congratulatory email message from a women’s group, saying that I was this year’s recipient for a pretty amazing award.  It would have meant an evening of networking and then standing in front of a group of people from various local corporations telling them about my journey over the past ten years, and the role the women’s center had in helping me make the transition from 17 years married with 3 children, to single woman, to student again, and then fledgling yoga business owner.

What an honor.  What a beautiful experience.

But I didn’t open the dang email. 

Until 3 days later.

For some fear based reason (as a friend points out, FEAR is EXACTLY the reason for the “oversight”)—–I didn’t read the full content of the message until…. 3….. days….. later.

Why?  What was the FEAR  about??

Being noticed?  Recognized?  SEEN??!!  Yes—-probably all of that.

And when I finally called the director to say “YES!  This IS WONDERFUL!!” I was told ever so politely and nicely that the award went to the next nominee.

Oh…. Ok.

Or,  I think.

What a lesson learned.

So I will attend the event anyway.  I will bring my business cards with me and wear a great outfit.  I will make a point to talk to just about everyone in the room.

I will seek out and hug the night’s honoree.

And I will never again interrupt a great journey by letting fear be the first voice I hear.

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