Polishing the connection

When we received our first miraculous brush of air into our lungs, we reached into the present holding onto the clean and sparkling mantle of divine connection.

First, that connection was felt during the in-spiration (in-spirit, “inspiradio ,” Latin) of our breath, and then we eventually deepened that connection with the energy that helps us produce our thoughts.
And our thoughts have the power to create, to make things happen.  We do it every day, all day, but usually without our awareness.
Begin to think of your thoughts (hmmm….now THAT’s a strange way to say it) as a meditation all on their own.

If fear and worry is your main thought form each day, you are making this your meditation, your prayer.  
And since thought has this creative power, you can expect to see more of this in your life.
So think harmony, think of the way love appears in its many forms to you everyday and this is the reality that will take shape in your life.

It’s called “aware thinking.” Just notice what you’re thinking and begin directing them towards what it is that enlivens you, brings joy to you, gives you juice.
Thought is a spiritual activity endowed with creative power,” said a spiritual guide.
Polish up that connection to the Divine
It’s been in us all along.

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