Tour stop

I’ve been lining up lots of appointments with businesses, organizations, and individuals for Yogi “An-ge” to connect with, as he continues to spread the word about Ayurveda and living whole-listicly.  And me conducting my own yoga classes in between.  “An-ge” will be speaking at a friend’s home this evening, before a group of seekers, healers, and curious individuals who want to understand how the body can get back to the basics in order to heal, or just simply come alive again!

An-ge explained to me recently that breakfast should only be liquids after the body “fasts”during the night.  He said that the intestines have reduced in size during the night, and adding a big meal to the system in the a.m. taxes the digestive processes and therefore the body cannot metabolize the meal as well.  And here I’ve  always been the eager one who loves to dive into my heaping bowl of cereal and fruits in the morning–thinking my body needs to be re-fueled, not to mention that I’m hungry, too.   And isn’t that what we encouraged our kids to do before heading off to school–never skip breakfast?

It’s so interesting to realize too, that Ayurveda is more than the foods and the seasons and the physical digestive process  It is also about remembering the “food of our thoughts”—the thoughts we take in (digest) each day can  profoundly influence our health.  What habitual thoughts, judgements, stresses, conditioned responses to your life can you begin to let go of in order to become whole again?

Hmmm…tell me more about this, An-ge.  I think there’s lots more…

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