Web Stress

Wow, it’s been a monster to try and get the website and all its details ironed out in order to create a virtual business.  I really want to stop the retail work I’ve been doing and make my yoga and stress management services be more than just a part-time income.  I want it to be a sustainable income.  There’s lots to do to get there… including the creating and design of a  very social website.

I ‘ve worked with a really great programmer, and she’s helped me  put together a beautiful-looking  foundation–my front page.  (Her name is Lisa Wood from New Sprout Media, if you are starting your own website, by the way.)

But I’m finding out that this is just the beginning.

Either I go back and retain her services, or I learn how to do some of these things for myself, such as figuring out how to add in the different types of widgets and plug-ins, pages, posts, links.

Not to mention starting a regular to-do list of  writing consistent content for an upcoming news-zine, and commenting  at other like-minded web-sites….reaching out into the internet world, essentially…

So here’s where the “monkey mind” thinking starts to take over and before I know it, I’m swallowed up in it.

Good thing I have friends who remind me to practice stress relief 101 again:

1.) Recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day

(breathe here)

2.) And the journey of a thousand miles?  Ok— then just start that one step…

(another breath)

3.) Itemize: what’s the first step I want to concentrate on?  Do that one.

(and breathe)






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